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Playing Sexy Doctor!

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Playing a Sexy Doctor I always played doctor-doctor game with my little brother. But didn’t know that when I have to play still as an adult. One day, I got a date where I have to play a sexy doctor. My client had the hots for women in medical uniform and really wanted to indulge in sexual fantasy involving a doctor. I arrived in his apartment wearing a provocative doctor outfit. I wore a stethoscope over my neck; dawn a doctor coat even wore spec too to create an intellectual look. I arrived in his apartment on time. My client was in the mid 40s and he told me that he himself was a doctor and had a crush on junior working under him. Since he was married and a man of high dignity; he didn’t want to risk his status over a short term fling, but he desperately wanted to fulfill his fantasy. Some of his friends suggested him to visit an escort girl and he decided to check out beautiful escorts. He rejected at least 30 escort girls before selecting me because I resembled much like his hospital crush. The guy knew that I was a terrific strip dancer. He sat on a chair, started music on his iPhone and told me to show him my sexy dance moves. I didn’t disappoint him too, and threw my long white coat on the bed, put a stethoscope over his shoulder and started removing my remaining clothes on beat of music. I could see the bulge in his pants growing as my clothes fell on the floor. Now, he was highly excited; he came near me, held me tightly in his arms and gave me a warm passionate kiss on my lips. He put me gently on the bed while kissing and ripped apart my bra along with panty. Now, I was completely naked. The guy massaged my body with his strong hands. I really got excited once his hands move over my soft breasts as well as my stomach. Now, I was really excited, I held him tightly in my arms and started kissing him passionately. He too rolled his tongue inside my mouth. Our French kiss went on for at least 10 minutes; after that he moved his lips over my soft neck, my beautiful tits and all over the body. He kissed every portion of my body and later turned me upside down, making my back on the upper side. He runs his strong hands over my back and kissed it passionately too. Then, he made me sit on his lap and placed his dick right on the tip of my vagina. He inserted his cock gently inside me rolling it in all directions. I closed my eyes in excitement and started moaning like a porn star. Now, he moved quite ferociously inside my body and soon ejaculated inside my vagina. He lie next to me and went into a deep sleep after our sexual encounter. He really thanked me for fulfilling his sexual fantasy and promised me to visit again. We had a tasty breakfast together before going out to our normal life. But, I still remember playing a sexy doctor and automatically a lovely smile comes across my face.

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